About Ready to Run


The power to create change rests in the hands of those who will step up and take charge. Every social, environmental, and political issue facing our communities needs a leader to take initiative – contrary to popular belief, it is not our faith in politicians that will protect us from hardship, but rather our dedication to make a plan and hold accountable to people we allow to represent our collective interests. We need public officials who aren’t afraid to run toward the fire and take matters into their own hands.

Ready to Run was established to provide prospective candidates with the assets they need to make an impact, stand out, and run a successful campaign. This includes providing the tools necessary to connect with the public, keeping their platform front and center. With our help, candidates will be able to reach across demographics with the aid of the technology and marketing strategies used by nationwide entities to advance their platform and build momentum to create change.


Candidates backed by Ready to Run have full access to our collective resources. We guide new leaders from the beginning of their desire to run, through building solid roots of their platform, through their campaign, all the way up to election day. We will help candidates achieve a balance between building trust with their support base and preparing to face their competition.

1. Establishing A Direction

We help candidates transform the problems they want to solve into a unified course of action.

2. Communicating A Vision

The solution to any problem is rooted in a vision for the future; we help communicate that vision.

3. Creating Confidence

Offering concrete solutions that are supported by actionable steps inspires confidence in a campaign.

4. Communicating Benefits

A candidate's support base is always composed of different groups who need their individual needs addressed.

5. Answering Questions

Questions and contradictions are a normal part of the election process, and you will be prepared to answer them.

6. Motivating and Inspiring

Presenting the inspiration behind a platform will establish a degree of relatability that voters can agree with.


Georgia Is On Our Mind

Ready to Run is part of a statewide initiative to cultivate Georgia leadership and lead the Peach State in the right direction. Our primary strategy is to establish connections with the community, educate candidates on how to maintain it, and provide them with the means to do so for the betterment of Georgia. Helping the right leaders win elections is our primary goal, but Ready to Run was not founded by people who love winning elections; it was founded by people who love Georgia, and will take the initiative to make change happen from the driver’s seat.